The McGoohan biography by Roger Langley is an incredibly rich and detailed book, which wonderfully encounters a Patrick McGoohan who is never quite tangible as a person or artist, yet presents no idol worship, but tries somehow to categorize someone who will not be indexed, briefed, debriefed...! Highly recommended. (translated from German online forum)

I just finished the first and long overdue biography of actor Patrick McGoohan. A wonderful read about a misunderstood, under appreciated and underrated artist.

I have just read 'Patrick McGoohan: Danger Man or Prisoner?' and really enjoyed it. I read it in two days and could not put it down. It's very well researched and excellently written.

A very rewarding and insightful read. The labour of love (and) respect comes over well, as does the information and its presentation, never getting bogged down in the details. 

Outstanding book, enjoyable and informative! It is the kind of one that you can ‘dip’ into at any time and find something new.

Any fan of Patrick McGoohan will enjoy this book, the first biography about this very private individual. The author painstakingly researched this book that details the career of the man famous as "John Drake" and "Number 6". McGoohan is one of the most underrated actors and probably could have been much more famous and a household name.

Roger Langley's incredible labor-of-love in giving the world, finally, a biography of the mysterious and magnificent Patrick McGoohan. The book is beautifully written, meticulously researched and filled with loads of pictures.

May I congratulate Roger Langley on such a fantastic and detailed biography of Patrick McGoohan.

Any fan of Patrick McGoohan will enjoy this book, the first biography about this very private individual. The author painstakingly researched this book that details the career of the man famous as "John Drake" and "Number 6". McGoohan is one of the most underrated actors and probably could have been much more famous and a household name. I can imagine it would be a challenge writing a biography on this great actor. Roger Langley in his book has done McGoohan fans a great service. The book is a tremendous tribute to McGoohan. Langley has provided so many aspects of the actor's life and career that I never realized before. If you are a Patrick McGoohan fan, a Danger Man or Prisoner fan this is a book you should have in your library. The book not only covers McGoohan's biography it's packed full with great pictures and information on his TV and Movie career.

I have just finished reading the book and what a superb publication it really is. I knew very little about Patrick's early life and his numerous guest appearances prior to television and films, probably because nothing has been written in such detail before. The research and time-consuming effort in putting this together must have been considerable, albeit a labour of love. There is a wealth of photographs throughout the book, many of which I'm seeing for the first time, plus detailed listings of his work in the theatre, television and films at the end in filmographies, which are worth the price of the book alone.

Roger Langley's book is certainly a labor of love, When writing of it's ultra-private star and creator Patrick McGoohan, he strives to give the reader an insight into the complexities of a man that there is very little known about. Described by friends and colleagues as both a tyrant and a genius, McGoohan is a force of nature for sure. Langley has written about his subject or idol really, in complete detail or about as much detail as any author will ever get.

I bought this as a surprise present for my husband who is a big fan of The Prisoner, Danger Man etc. and he has not been able to put it down since it arrived. The quality of the book and its contents far exceed the price paid. Though it's a paperback, it's a substantial paperback, i.e. does not fall apart in your hands after being held for a while. To be honest I would probably have paid double, my husband says it's a must have for all Patrick McGoohan fans.

Finally, here it is: a well thought out, well produced and expertly researched biography of the one of the greatest actors of the century Patrick McGoohan. There have been far too many failed cash-in biographies written in the past on all manner of subjects, but Roger Langley has succeeded in providing fans with a well rounded biography filled with extensive research, lavish photographs which many of us have never before had access to, and a powerful insight into the man whom many of us still adore. This book held my attention throughout and there wasn't a page where I didn't find myself absolutely fascinated by Langley's account of McGoohan's career. Honestly, I cannot sing Roger Langley's praises enough; if you're one of the thousands of people who were spellbound by The Prisoner and Patrick McGoohan first time round then this book is ESSENTIAL reading. Langley has provided what many of us have been waiting for far too long; a well written, skilled book that demands respect. 

If you are a fan of The Prisoner and of all things McGoohan then you will want to add this to your collection as it gives a good background to the great man's career as well as many insights into his thoughts and motivations. Of course, it also helps with an understand - if such a thing can be had - of The Prisoner itself.

A unique insight into a very private and gifted artist, which crams an enormous amount of information and photographs into one volume, this is essential reading for McGoohan and "Prisoner" fans, as well as an interesting read for the rest of us.

I hated to have the book end: and that's the surest sign you have a wonderful book in your hands… and this book is a high tribute to the star and his life. 

Patrick McGoohan is a bit of an enigma. Very protective of his privacy, did hardly any interviews. In this light this book is an unbelievable outcome. 330 pages of fine print, plenty of pictures and (too many) footnotes tell you about everything there is to know about Patrick McGoohan and his work. The title is very well chosen as it becomes clear while reading that Mr. McGoohan is not exactly a cuddly person, though very interesting and thought provoking. Highly recommended!

The book is a must for all Patrick McGoohan fans of which there are thousands worldwide. The book also features some rare and exclusive photographs (and) unravels the myths, separating the man from his on screen creations. 

(McGoohan’s) obsessive protection of his privacy and the often conflicting and provocative remarks made to the press over the years have created a need to set the record straight. This biography of McGoohan aims to do just that. It chronicles a career that begins on the Sheffield stage and ends with international stardom. The book details McGoohan’s television series Danger Man and The Prisoner; it explains why McGoohan was top choice for James Bond, and why he turned down the role ; it explores the impact he had on both actors and directors he has worked with; and highlights McGoohan’s friendship with Peter Falk (who has written the foreword for this book) which has gained him two Emmy Awards. In Patrick McGoohan: Danger Man or Prisoner?, Roger Langley unravels the myths, separating the man from his on-screen creations.